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FAQ about Gavdos

Here you find the FAQ of GAVDOS-ONLINE.COM

1. Q: It is possible to book an accomodation vie GAVDOS-ONLINE.com service?
A: Yes. It works in that way. You write an email where you let us know some details:
Date you arrive on Gavdos?
How many days you want to stay on Gavdos?
Location you prefer to stay like: Korfos, Sarakiniko
We check availibility for you and let you know is your room is free or busy.
If you want to make reservation or you want to book your accomodation you send us an email with acknolage for this date and transfer minimum 30% of total amount. Rest of total amount you pay directly on Gavdos. We transfer you money to the right Taverna and let them know your name and date you arrive on Gavdos.
We send to you acknolage that reservation or booking going ok.
Somebody from taverna will be in the Harbour to pick you up and bring you to your accomodation.

Please follow this procedure

2. Q: Where can we stay with our tent?
A: You can put yout tent on Korfos under the trees, Sarakinniko on the beach and unter the trees and on  Ag.Ioannis beach. Theoretical you can put your tent where you want so long you keep Gavdos clean and do not destroy any enviorment and nature: like cuting trees and roots. Take your rubbish with you to next garbage bin or to the tavern.

3. Q: Are on Gavdos scorpions?
A: Yes. You can find a lot of them under the flat stones and other sun hidden places. Take care  in the morning before wear your shoes and clothes. DO NOT KILL SCORPIOS. You should take care where you move your next step. I prefer to take camera and make a nice macro photography. ;) If there are any problems call doctor from Kastri to support you with Cortisone.

4. Q: Are on Gavdos any shops or markets?
A: Not really. On Sarakinniko there is Arkalakis Tavern Nixterida with connected market. You can find there the most important things and more like some fishing equipment,  Mobile phone prepaid cards, tabacco and so on. On Ag.Ioannis there is a shop and bakery on the back side. Almost all Taverns have a small amount of water and food can be sold to Visitors.

5. Q: What is on FAROS?
A: Faros from Gavdos is a LIGHTHOUSE and means Lighthouse. Faros is not working as a lighthouse any more but you can have a nice cool beer and some refreshments there in the morning from 10 AM utill 1 PM and from 5 PM until 11 PM. The most interesting thing is to enjoy sunset from Faros with Crete background scenery. Georgos will be glad to see you there.

6. Q:  Can I rent a boat taxi on Gavdos to visit Tripiti, Potamos, Aspes.....?
A. Yes. There is no really a boat taxi but...you can ask Georgos or Eftihis from Sarakiniko to bring you to Potamos. Georgos from Korfos can bring you to Tripiti.

7. Q: Are there any motorbikes or cars to rent on Gavdos?
A. Yes

8. Q. Are there any time table for ferry boat to Gavdos?
A. Yes you can ask in Paleochora in Selino Travel Agency or port Police. In August and September starts a new time table that can change more times until end of October.  From  01st of November is a new winter time table valid that looks total different then summer time table.

9. Q: What is the high season on Gavdos?

A: On Gavdos start the high season in July and goes until the end on August. Some places are lalready in April booked out until the end of September. For this time you have to make reservation until end of April or Mai. For the August time please make reservation already in January and February.

10. Q. Are any medical services on Gavdos?

A: In the summertime there is a medical doctor. For more info please ask in the tavern or local police station.

11. Q. What I have to do if there is no ferry boat for more days and I'm going to miss my flight?

A: you can book a taxi boat from Chora Sfakion. Depending from the weather the transport take about 30-40 minuts. This service you take on your own risk. The price is some hundreds of Euro depending of the weather per transfer.

12. Q. Is there internet connection on the island.

A: Yes. In all taverns there is working WiFi. Because the Internet is a radio signal  from Paleochora during the stormy weather could be the signal interrupted. This happened many times every year. Mobile phones are working fine as long you are in the signal range on the antennas. Please take care that some places like Tripiti, Potamos, Lakudi, Aspes, Bo there is signal at all. Let know your rooms host where you are going at that day if your are alone.



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